Mission & Vision

Our mission is simple. Nero Aurum, means the “black gold” in Latin, which sums up what we strive to do, namely, to show coffee lovers all the exceptional tasting notes a cup of coffee can have in its very pure form. We want to make specialty coffee more available to consumers all around the globe, as we believe coffee is not just coffee! Offering exclusive coffee of superior quality from local coffee farms gives our customers the great opportunity to experience coffee flavors they never thought existed.
Also, we partner with roasters who make use of direct trade meaning building a direct relationship with individual producer or cooperatives in the coffee-producing countries, paying a fair price for the coffee in order to reward the hard work going into producing coffee of exceptional quality. Thus supporting the future existence of the coffee farms, enabling unique coffee experiences for customers in every single country. On a future basis, we aim to be one of the leading and most respected brands within the specialty coffee industry.


Roasting Principles

Our coffee is light-roasted meaning a relatively short roast of the beans. This is in order to maintain the original flavor characters of the coffee. The light-roasting principle is a conscious choice following from the fact that a darker roasting of the coffee would substitute the great acidity with an undesirable bitterness.
As a rule of thumb, the darker the roast is, the more homogenous the flavor of the coffee will be. Everyone has different roasting preferences but in the world of specialty coffee, the lighter the roast the better. Therefore, it is also recommended that coffee of high quality should be roasted for shorter time than coffee with lower quality. Light-roasted coffee has also become more popular the last decades and has now become known as a “Nordic Roast”.
At Nero Aurum, we take pride in offering unique coffee experience for our customers.
Every. Single. Time.