The Moka Pot

Want to see how coffee expert James Hoffmann brews coffee the Moka Pot way? Click here

  1.    Fill the bottom reservoir of the moka pot with hot water up to the bottom collar of the pressure release valve.
  1.   Fill the filter basket with ground coffee. I like a grind consistency about half-way between espresso and drip grind. Not too fine, not too coarse. Do not overfill or tamp.
  1.  Replace the filter and run your finger around the lip to remove any stray grounds. Screw the moka pot together tightly.
  1.   Place the moka pot on a stovetop at medium-low heat (lower if using a gas stove.)
  1.   After 5-10 minutes, the brew should start oozing into the upper chamber. Sputtering or spitting means the heat is too high.
  1.    When the brew is about 80% complete, remove it from the heat. You can optionally wrap the bottom with a chilled bar towel to halt the brewing process.     
  1.   Pour and serve immediately. Moka pot coffee is quite strong, so many enjoy it diluted 50/50 with hot water, Americano-style or add some (foamed) milk.

    Enjoy your Nero Aurum Coffee.