The Vacuum Pot


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1: Soak the filter in warm water for 5 minutes. Drop the filter into the center of the upper bowl, then pull the chain to secure the filter and set the upper bowl into the holder.​

2: Weigh out the coffee; the amount depends on how strong you like your coffee. We recommend approximately 40 grams of coffee (approximately 4 tablespoons).

3: Pour the hot water into the lower bowl in its stand.

4: Ignite the burner. Place the lower bowl over the flame and wait for all the water to rise to the upper bowl. Measure the water temperature in the upper bowl and adjust the flame until it stabilizes at 188°F (87°C). 

(If you do not have a vacuum with flame, you can use a thermometer to help you knowing  when the water is 87°C. If you don't own a thermometer, then follow your gut feeling and go to step 5 just before the water reached the boiling temperature)

5: Add the ground coffee to the upper bowl. Gently incorporate the ground coffee into the top layer of hot water by rubbing the paddle along the top of the coffee mass for no longer than 30 seconds. The motion is like trying to spread cold butter on a piece of particularly delicate toast. Within 30 seconds, all the coffee should be moistened by the hot water.

6: Let the coffee brew for 20 to 40 seconds and stir the coffee with the paddle for no more than 12 rotations. The goal is to create the fastest and deepest whirlpool with the minimum of rotations. 

7: Physically separate the siphon pot from the heat source and remember to turn off your burner. The coffee should descend into the lower bowl in 30 to 50 seconds. 

Pour the coffee and enjoy your Nero Aurum Coffee.