Emerald Coffee

Emerald Coffee

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An elegant cup of coffee and one of our customers' all time favourite!
Tasting notes
Clean soft cup with a medium silky body, flavours of plum, chocolate and molasses. Long finish with notes of berries.

Origin: Magdalena, Colombia.

Variety: Caturra & Typica. 

Altitude: 1200-1300 Metres Above Sea Level (MASL)

Harvest: October-February

100% organic.

Commonly, the coffee in the Sierra Nevada is planted at various altitude ranges due to its mountainous terrain. Also, thanks to its volcanic soil and different micro-climates, farmers are able to produce one of the best organic coffees in the world. 
Who are Los Kankuamo?
The process that goes through Kaffe de Los Kankuamo is a full wash and a sun-drying of the beans. This contributes to your coffee giving you a fruity and clean feeling that is so valued in the specialty coffee world.

The Kankuamo are an indigenous group from the famous Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta's Mountains within the region of Magdalena. The Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta is home to 30,000 indigenous people and due to its varying climate and biodiversity, UNESCO declared it Biosphere Reserve back in 1986.

A tip: We recommend you to buy whole beans and grind the coffee yourself, once you need it for brewing. In that way you secure you get as fresh coffee as possible.

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