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Founder's Secret Recipe
Founder's Secret Recipe
Founder's Secret Recipe
Founder's Secret Recipe

Founder's Secret Recipe

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"The Rolls-Royce type of coffee"

Since the very beginning of Nero Aurum, our founder has made a great effort making the perfect blend with different coffees. After tasting hundreds of differents of cups, coffees from three countries resulted in this decent blend named "Founder's Secret Recipe" 

Tasting Notes: Berries, chocolate, honey & lime.

Origin: Ethiopia, Colombia, Panama.

Altitude: up to 2000 MASL.

100% organic!

Our honoured partner in Panama: 

Ninety Plus Gesha Estates (NPGE), is located in the Volcan area of Panama. in 2017, the farm sold one kilo of the Geisha variety for more than $5000, beating several records for highest price ever purchased. We have used coffee from Ninety Plus Gesha Estates in this blend, and we are proud to offer the opportunity to our customers to taste coffee from one of the most acknowledged farms in the world when it comes to speciality coffee. "Founder's Secret Recipe" is an absolute must-try for every coffee lover who does not want to compromise on quality as well as for everyone who wants to explore unique and exceptional notes in a cup of coffee.

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