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Guji Gourmet
Guji Gourmet

Guji Gourmet

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Sometimes there are coffees that come along, which change everything you think you know about what a truly great coffee can taste like - Guji Gourmet is one of those coffees.

Tasting Notes: Citrus, blueberries & lime. A light-bodied, sweet and juicy cup.

Origin: Oromia, Ethiopia. 

Variety: Heirloom Ethiopian

Altitude: 2000-2300 Metres Above Sea Level (MASL)

Processing Method: Natural

Producer: Guji Highland Coffee Plantation

Cup Score: 89/100

100% organic.

About the producer: 

Guji Highland is a 250 hectare, family-owned farm established in 2012 by Wodessa Yachisi. It is located in Oromia, near the town of Shakisso in the Guji region. 

The farm operates and produces in a 100% organic way. Only natural coffees are produced on the farm currently, but the farm has plans to build a fully operational washing station and an eco-lodge for coffee visitors.

The coffee trees are growing happily among the forest are some of the healthiest and happiest coffee trees you’ll see anywhere in the world - which is reflected in the quality of the coffee the farm is able to produce.

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