People's Favourite
People's Favourite

People's Favourite

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This coffee is perfect for special occasions when someone deserves a decent coffee that is greatly memorable. No wonder it is people's favourite.
Tasting notes
Citrus, raspberry, with notes of milk chocolate (Toffee) and honey making the cup both sweet and colorful. 

Origin: San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru

Variety: Typica & Caturra

Altitude: 1750 Metres Above Sea Level (MASL)

Processing Method: Washed

Harvest: July-November

Producer: Flor de la Frontera

Cup Score: 85/100!

100% organic.

Due to its proximity to the Peru/Ecuador border, producer Edison Valle Rojas named his Amazonas-based farm “Flor de la Frontera”, translating to “Flower of the Border”. Flor de la Frontera sells more than 90 % of its coffee to the American market, making this coffee even more rare to European coffee lovers. 
It comes to manys surprise that Peru can produce superior coffee but it is a fact that the demand for Peruvian coffee has increased enormously the recent years. Consequently, estimations show that Peru would soon be the second largest producer of Arabica-coffee, only exceeded by Brasil.

This specialty coffee scored 85 points by the Specialty Coffee Association of America, also known as the SCAA, emphasizing its uniqueness and why it is so valued within the speciality coffee industry. 

A tip: We recommend you to buy whole beans and grind the coffee yourself, once you need it for brewing. In that way you secure you get as fresh coffee as possible. Our commitment to you:

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