Taster's Package
Taster's Package

Taster's Package

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5 of Nero Aurum's coffee delivered in one box. 1 kilo in total (5 coffees with 200 g each) 

This Taster Package is the perfect gift for any coffee lover who enjoys great coffee, but yet doesn't know where his/her favourite coffee comes from. Propably, this Taster Package can help answering that question as they have very distinct tasting notes.  

You get the great opportunity to taste coffees from some of the best coffee regions in the world. The coffees come from the following countries:

Nicaragua (Dipilto) 

Ethiopia (Oramia)
Colombia (Magdalena)

Indonesia (Sumatra)

Peru (San Ignacio, Cajamarca)

A tip: If you have your own grinder, we recommend you to buy whole beans and grind the coffee yourself, once you need it for brewing. In that way you secure you get as fresh coffee as possible. 

If you don't have a grinder, we are more than happy to grind the coffee for you.

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